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Our homes are built with solid, concrete-poured walls and steel I-beam construction.

Your plans are our plans, your land or our land, lets work together to build something special.

Engineered Design

Wood I-beam construction

  • Much stronger than standard lumber studs
  • Deflect less than regular wood beams, reducing foot traffic "bounce factor"
  • More expensive than traditional lumber, but quality pays

Engineered sub flooring

  • Greater water resistance than ordinary Oriented Strand Board (OSB) or plywood
  • Recognized for greater strength and design stiffness than OSB or plywood
  • 50-year warranty versus ordinary plywood floors with no warranty

Roof trusses

  • Each truss is specifically engineered for a particular house
  • Guesswork is eliminated and stress-rated lumber is cut to specification in a computer-controlled manufacturing environment
  • The specialized engineering used in roof truss fabrication results in low deflection characteristics resulting in sturdier and more rigid roof construction

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